10 Times People Died Inside During Awkward Interviews

9. David Bowie On The Russell Harty Show

When David Bowie went on The Russell Harty show in 1975, it was a painfully uncomfortable watch.

Not only does the satellite connection cause an audio delay that makes the interaction seem very forced and jarring, but it doesn't seem like Bowie took well to Harty's attempts and banter at the expense of his image.

At one point the interviewer quizzes Bowie over the intentions of his return to England, asking: "Are you short of money?" He then goes on to try and inform Bowie that the pop scene had changed somewhat since he left England, to which Bowie responds with more bemusement.

At one point Harty implies that Bowie would have to compete for an audience with Bay City Rollers and their legions of preteen fans.

The highlight is when Harty implies that Bowie had lost cultural relevance in England and that he "might have to create a new scene" for himself, to which Bowie simply replies. "No."

All credit to the chameleon-like Bowie who keeps going despite it clearly being an appalling waste of his time. Time has been nothing but kind to him.

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