10 Times Rock Musicians Lost Their Cool On Stage

9. When Billie Joe Armstrong Became A Wrestler

Billie Joe Armstrong has never been one to shy away from confrontation, no doubt even as your reading this your mind is wandering back to that infamous on stage rant in 2012. The one when he claimed the promoters had cut his gig short, before taking part in that most worn out of rock star tropes, smashing his guitar... classic.

The band later issued a statement about that particular incident, citing Armstrong's on going struggles with substance abuse, which Armstrong would enter rehab for only days after the incident. However, it wasn't quite as impressive as the time Armstrong double dropped kicked a disruptive fan...

Judging by the quality of the footage and the bands lack of punk cliche attire, this most likely took place back in the early days. According to rumour, some guy had been harassing a girl in the crowd, but whatever the truth, he was doing something that didn't jam with Billie Joe Armstrong.

The frontman paused the show, requested the "mohawk mother f*cker" fight him on stage, before performing one of the more impressive stage dives you're likely to witness a rock musicians attempt. In a move reminiscent of WWE, Armstrong double drop kicked into the crowd to take on the troublesome punk.

Let's hope he had some good aim, Armstrong just went for it, no doubt leaving a boulevard of broken noses in his wake.


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