10 Trippy Albums You MUST Hear Before You Die

Turn on, tune in, and drop the needle on these mind melting masterpieces.


Psychedelic music emerged in the 1960s when the Western world suddenly began craving liberation from social norms, and the right to self expression after years of political and social unrest. With a new found sense of freedom, musicians, who sometimes found themselves under the influence of psychoactive substances, began to create a soundtrack that was reflective of their colourful, often hallucinatory experiences. Gone were the clean-cut, suited and booted musicians of yore, and in were the bohemian, multicoloured minstrels of now.

Though psychedelia reached its pinnacle in the sixties, the trippy tune tradition has continued throughout the decades under many guises. From classic rock to avant-garde, and funk to punk, listed below are ten trippy albums that traverse the musical landscape, while maintaining an inherently mind-expanding, psychedelic sound.

Despite their differences, each of these artists and groups have one crucial thing in common – they have each produced a sound that is uniquely theirs, never being afraid to stray from the status quo. By making use of unusual instrumentation and new technologies, or stirring vocals and curious lyrics, their music seeks to bring you out of your comfort zone and into your subconscious.

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