10 Underrated Hard Rock Bands Of The 70's

Lowlights of Rock's Golden Age.


The 70's were known as one of the golden ages of hard rock music. Once bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple came to the forefront, the world was suddenly hungry for more rock music centered around pounding riffs and chaotic performances from its members. The time period was so concentrated that even some fantastic groups ended up falling by the wayside.

While the decades of old have been made even more legendary with the nostalgic bug creeping up from fans, most of the hard rock featured nowadays tends to only cover the heavy-hitters of the genre. However outside the hallowed halls of bands like Zeppelin and Aerosmith, other secondary acts have given the hard rock scene more than their fair share of great music. Whether it be through the genres of glam, punk, or blues, these groups provided the rough edge to rock's glory days.

Some of these acts have even gone on to influence later giants of the scene like the grunge and garage rock movements of the 90's and 2000's. Despite having legendary status elude them on an international level, these artists deserve to have their names etched in the monolith of hard rock history.

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