10 Up & Coming Metal Bands You Need To Hear

From a huge global scene, here are ten of the very best rising metal bands.

Chris Ensell [CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

For many metalheads and critics, 13th February 1970 marked the birthdate of metal, when Black Sabbath released their debut album. Since its conception, metal music has hosted and been dominated by a plethora of bands and spawned a mass of sub-genres. The genre-defining, colossal names of metal have also inspired a catalogue of people to take up arms and take to the stage in the name of metal, which leaves us with a thriving underground scene.

The importance of the underground scene can never be overstated. It is a haven for promising, potential abundant bands and allows them to build a formidable reputation before they make a push for unrivalled stardom. Today's underground names could be tomorrow's metal superstars, in the same way current genre leaders such as Parkway Drive, Whitechapel and Amon Amarth had to spend their time grafting in the underground.

Even though there are countless great talents scattered around the globe in metal's underground scene, this article will focus on ten of the genres most promising rising stars. Narrowing this list down to just ten names was extremely difficult, so leave your Honourable Mentions in the comments section!

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