10 Upcoming Heavy Metal Albums That Have Us Excited

Return of The Bangers.

Iron Maiden Senjutsu

This entire past year has been a bit of a mess for all types of album releases. No matter what kind of music you were listening to, some of the real giants of the industry had to put everything on hold until the big pandemic monster could calm down for just a little bit. Since music is starting to (sort of) get back to normal, it's only fitting that metal would come back with a vengeance.

From every stripe of the heavier side of the genre, the back half of this year is going to be a treasure trove for any and all types of metal music coming down the pipeline. After years of silence, some of the greatest names in the genre are finally coming out of the shadows to grace us with even more headbanging tunes yet again. Outside of the old dogs though, some of the more contemporary bands are also willing to throw down with their unique brands of hard rock and metal to get your adrenaline going.

While we've also had bands like Slipknot tease that new music is going to be in the works, we're only going to focus on what's coming out in the next few months of 2021 for the time being. If we only cut it off at December though, it's still going to be one hell of a ride.

10. Exile - The Raven Age

Date: September 17th

The entire metal scene right now has often come down to everyone trying to outplay each other on the hardcore side of the spectrum. I mean, ever since the late 2010's, almost every single new band coming down the pipeline feel like they want to be the next Code Orange and ride the wave of heaviness. For The Raven Age though, they are one of the few who realize that it's better to become your own freak of nature.

Which is saying a lot when you realize the subtle bit of nepotism going on in the band. Although you might not know the names of every member of the group, guitarist George Harris does have a little bit of help on the metal side of things from his father Steve, famous for holding down the low end for Iron Maiden.

While you can definitely hear some Maiden comparisons (they are a metal band after all), the past few years with albums like Conspiracy have made them one of the few new attractions to the metal scene, building layers of guitars together with a grand vision for songs. If they manage to keep this kind of streak going for a little while longer, maybe George can find a seat alongside his dad as an all-time great.

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