10 Weird Christmas Songs You Probably Won't Hear On The Radio

Hiippo Christmas We're hurtling towards Christmas at a frightening pace and that can only mean one thing - the 'Now That's What I Call Xmas' CDs are being dusted off for yet another year. You've probably already noticed the tinny sounds of festive bells following you around stores as the days get shorter and the world gets more claustrophobic. You may even have found yourself absent-mindedly humming the only tunes you actually know by the likes of The Pogues, Slade and Mariah Carey. Are these songs played in order to induce a warm, fuzzy feeling in our hearts? To make us forget all our troubles and spread the joy? Or is it to encourage us to buy even more useless items and keep Wizzard's pockets jangling for the fortieth yuletide? Wouldn't it be nice if one year, the repetition was suddenly broken and the radio played songs about how Christmas really can be for a change? The dark realities, the familial fall-out over festive turkey dinners, and the stark fact that not everyone likes the holidays rammed down their throat mercilessly every December (or September.) Safe in the knowledge that this will actually never happen, we've comprised a list of some of the least conventional and downright weird Christmas songs you're bound not to hear this December.

10. Please, Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas) €“ John Denver

First up is a feel good festive favourite by American singer-songwriter John Denver, which first appeared on his 1973 album Farewell Andromeda and then again on his 1975 album Rocky Mountain Christmas. The nature of the song is pretty clear from the title - "Please Daddy don't get drunk this Christmas / I don't wanna see my Momma cry". In the song all Daddy does is fall under the Christmas tree and laugh, but something makes me think he doesn't remain quite so jolly after little Johnny goes to bed... It's a harsh subject and one of few honest Christmas songs, but something tells me you won't be hearing this as you wander through your local department store this weekend.
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