10 Weirdest Cover Songs In Rock Music History

9. Here Comes the Sun - Ghost

Speaking of the Beatles, you're going to need something special if you're going to take on the Fab Four in any capacity. Most fans would already agree that the originals are the definitive versions of these songs, so there's no real need to bring your own unique spin to it. If you're from the darker side of the tracks, that black magic tends to find a way into the sunniest of rock songs.

When Ghost were first getting their feet wet on Opus Eponymous, the bonus tracks gave us a wild left turn with a cover of Here Comes the Sun. Gone are the bright and sunny acoustic guitars from the originals, being replaced with gothic chamber music and Papa Emeritus getting his groove on. If anything, the moon should be rising for a song like this, sounding like the walls are closing in around you.

This isn't even the last time that Ghost would give their trademark stamp to a classic hit. If you look even further into their EPs from around this time, you also had them giving the same treatment to songs like Waiting for the Night by Depeche Mode or Marionette by ABBA. Compared to the original's bright and sunny attitude, this is the kind of Beatles tune that feels more suited to something like The Nightmare Before Christmas.


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