10 Weirdest Rock Songs By Legendary Artists

9. Temporary Secretary - Paul McCartney

Going into the '80s, Paul McCartney had found himself without a band for the second time. After picking up the pieces of the Beatles with Wings, Paul was starting to get tired of the usual bombastic rock sounds that filled up stadiums for the past decade. He needed to strip things back to basics, and that meant getting a lot weirder on McCartney II.

While many fans have come around to this album for being highly experimental for its time, fans immediately disliked what was going on in Temporary Secretary. As much as Paul's way with melody was still there, the glitchy synths across this record along with Paul's nasally voice was enough for people to wonder if he had gone astray. In the wake of new genres like hyperpop though, this is actually an incredibly forward thinking track, with Paul contorting his voice in different ways while the synthesizers build up around him.

Even if the lyrics fall a little more on the creepy side these days, we now live in a world that's a lot warmer to this song, as Paul finally unveiled it on tour in the 2010's. It's not like it didn't have its fans back in the day either, as his fellow Fab John Lennon loved this album and got back into making music a short time later. As far as weird music is concerned, there's no chance that anyone would have thought this came from a Beatle on first listen.

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