10 Worst Band Breakups Of All Time

7. Guns N' Roses

So many people have come and gone from Guns N Roses over the years that the former members alone could probably fill a stadium. After the departure of every member in the late '90s, the band continued on with Axl Rose at the helm, determined to release the ego-trip album known as Chinese Democracy. However, long before Axl started to go through one guitarist after another, there was the street gang that we knew and loved.

With the release of Appetite for Destruction, the band became the most dangerous band in the world, but that kind of attention went to Axl's head real quick. Going into their next project, Rose envisioned a double album of all-new material, with a track listing that put bloated messes alongside epic masterpieces.

There was clearly no quality control on the album, but the tour was a whole different story.

Looking to expand his hubris, Rose arranged lavish parties every night after the show, but sometimes didn't even show up to perform beforehand. This kind of behavior may have looked like a slight hiccup on the surface, but the rest of the band spent their remaining days getting wasted and praying that Axl would come to some sort of sanity.

When Axl finally started to take the reigns for Chinese Democracy, Duff McKagan and Slash packed it in, officially turning the "world's most dangerous band" into the Axl Rose sideshow.


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