10 Worst Closing Songs On Great Albums

Breaking Up the Flow.

green day

Any good album always has to worry about keeping the listener engaged from back to front. Even though there are many bands that just try to write a bunch of songs and put them in a decent order, you have to make sure that your audience is along for the ride and never gets bored when they're listening to it. And while some of these albums started off with a barnburner, they tend to hit a sudden brick wall towards the end of things.

Then again, having a terrible closing song doesn't necessarily mean that the song is all that bad. In fact, some of these songs are actually fairly decent...they just don't sit well with the rest of the vibe that was going on with the record. As much fun as the rest of the songs seem, these just feel out of place some of the time, feeling like they belong either further on in the track list or just out of the mix altogether.

On the other hand, there are some tracks that you wished never got put on the album to begin with, making this great album a little less perfect as a result. Compared to the rest of the songs on these records, these are the tunes that you just like to ignore whenever they pop up. The skip button exists for a reason, and it's because of these songs.

10. Lot 105 - Blur

Every fan of Blur knows that there's a certain amount of cynicism that goes into most of their Life trilogy of albums. When you look through a lot of these songs, they're a lot more dark than the music would suggest, as Damon Albarn tells stories of everyday people losing their minds in between sweet pop tunes. And as if the irony wasn't rammed into your head enough, here's Lot 105 to really seal the deal on Parklife.

Granted, it's not like you can't see what a song like this is trying to do. Considering every single downer moment on this record, this is the kind of smarmy song that's trying to put a nice bow on the whole situation. If anything, this is the kind of attitude that we got on the title track of the album and on Tracy Jacks...it just needs to be further up in the track listing.

Being in the same vein as the instrumental Debt Collector, this feels more like a post script than anything else, almost signaling to you that the album is about to be over and not actually giving you any decent material to latch onto. What makes it even worse is that it follows up This is A Low, a track that would have made a bleak ending to the rest of the album. If you were to put this song near Trouble in Message Centre, we may be looking at the tightest Blur album ever.

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