10 Worst Hard Rock Albums Ever Made

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Hard rock has always been a genre based on its savagery. Don't let the first word of the title deceive you, many of the bands of this genre can take your head off if you're not careful. While there have been some pristine examples of bands going above and beyond in the genre, some have managed to slip under the bar time after time.

Though it's easy to forgive a minor slipup from a great rock band, there are always certain albums that even the greatest rock bands can't recover from. Whether it was a bad idea to begin with or an experiment gone horribly wrong, each of these albums belong deep within the Earth, never to be heard or spoken of again.

Though there are some redeeming factors to these albums, the amount of terrible cuts you have to plow through in order to reach the top is far too much for any listener to stomach. Some of these may not have gotten the hate in their time, but with the birth of the Internet, fans have minced no words about the absolute snooze-fests some of these albums are.

Break out your knives and pitchforks... things are about to get nasty.

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