10 Worst Hard Rock Lyrics Of The 2000s

Cringiest Lines of the New Millennium.


The early '00s can be a bit of a tough sit for a lot of hard rock fans. For as many bands were resurrecting rock music as we knew it, there were plenty of others ready to stab at the corpse that had endured the previous decade. While many look at this time with rose-colored glasses, sometimes you have to see the dumpster fires that lie in between the classics.

There's no denying the great albums of the era to come from pop-punk, hard rock, and even the garage rock scene, but much of what ended up on the charts was the aged nu metal crowd, the post-grunge fads, and the buttiest of the butt rock bands. You can probably keep a scorecard of everything that was wrong with these genres, but it always came down to the lyrics going down the toilet.

Even some of the biggest names in music weren't safe from this era, with some of rock's elder statesmen and fresh faces trying to write more current lyrics (and failing miserably). It's nice to look back on the music that shaped us over the years, but when it comes to these songs, there's no real excuse for slipping under the bar this much.

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