10 WORST Metallica Songs Ever

10. 2X4 - Load

For most Metallica fans, the post Black Album era of the band is where things start to get a bit fuzzy. Starting with the followup Load, Metallica started to take their sound in more mainstream directions that no one had heard from them before. While there were some great songs across this record, other times a song like "2X4" delves into boring territory.

On the surface, the actual song isn't too bad, with the riff having a bit of a bluesy edge to it. You wait and see what the song's going to lead up to, but then you end up waiting for a full 5 minutes and then the song ends. Granted, some things on the song are a bit left of center, with the chorus having a vocal effect that makes the band look like an off-brand version of Alice in Chains.

When looking back on this record, the band actually called it "2X4" based on the fact that the song's structure is 2 riffs repeated 4 times each. It's definitely cool to see the band's writing process in action, but knowing how lazy the title was thrown together actually explains a lot. Load is criminally underrated by Metallica fans, but the results of this bluesy jam is a half-finished Metallica song that somehow got the full album cut treatment.

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