10 Worst Music Lyrics Of The '80s

Ten terrible times the English language was tortured in the name of art.


Every hit song has to have a great tune, something that is instantly memorable and easy to sing along with. What those words are that you find yourself singing is another matter. The argument that lyrics are as important as melody is hard to justify; a great song can contain some of the most meaningless, trite nonsense imaginable.

For every Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen, able to spin poetry out of the language of the street, there are a hundred examples where the only thought that seems to have gone into the choice of words is 'does it rhyme?', regardless of whether it makes sense.

The songs on this list were all huge hits, proving that the artists certainly knew how to deliver what the public wanted, and these '80s classics weren't necessarily the worse for their desperate scrambling around for a word or phrase. But sometimes you just have to ask: was that really the best you could come up with?

Here then, is a list of ten mega hits with lyrics that, upon investigation, show that there is much less to them than meets the eye - or ear.


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