10 Worst Villains Of Rock And Roll Music

When Fame Turns to Infamy.

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The music world will probably never run out of its fair share of rock and roll heroes. Ever since the first superstars stepped in front of a microphone, people are more than willing to look at their favorite entertainers as gods among men, almost as if they don't even walk the same Earth as we do. Granted, it's just as easy to go into the opposite direction from time to time.

Even with the rock scene becoming fertile ground since the '60s, there have been just as many people who have stood for everything wrong with rock music. Just like heroes though, villains can have drastically different origin stories depending on where they are. While some gain their notoriety from being behind the scenes of famous acts, the worst offenders are the ones that happen directly in front of us, looking to get a rise out of you instead of delivering the music that we all know you're capable of making.

That's not even that bad of a thing either, with a handful of these artists wearing their notoriety like a badge of honor in the music world. No matter how hard they may have tried to redeem themselves over the years, there's no escaping the sins of your past...especially when they stack up this high.

10. Ted Nugent

Not every villain of rock and roll has to have terrible music to back up their rancor. Though having subpar production is enough to put you in poor graces with rock fans, it's more about how you carry yourself than the outright music you make half the time. And when it comes to the more deplorable parts of rock, no other classic rocker fits the bill more perfectly than Ted Nugent.

As far as his music is concerned, the Nuge isn't too shabby, having some incredible guitar breaks on songs like Motor City Madhouse and Stranglehold. On the other hand, the man has some opinions and is not afraid to share them, which has sent many a fan up the wall in recent years. From the shady behavior he engaged in with underage girls in the '70s to his gun-toting confrontational attitude, Ted seems more like your crazy uncle that says some outlandish things every once in a while.

Granted, there is something to respect about that, considering that most of rock and roll was built upon being outspoken and rebelling against anyone who was willing to bring you down. Then again, Ted seems like he's looking for a fight everywhere he goes, almost daring you to disagree with him. At the end of the day though, rock and roll is supposed to about escape from the bullies of the world, not a playground for them to run rampant.


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