11 Bizarrely Unnecessary Sequels To Classic Songs

If you thought Hollywood sequels were excessive, just wait 'til you hear these songs.


Every so often, a song comes along with just the right elements to make a lasting impression. Much like filmmakers and novelists, musicians and record producers instantly try to figure out the formula for recreating their smash hit's success. Also like filmmakers and novelists, they often decide the answer is to simply churn out a slightly different copy of the original.

The problem is that many attempts to cash in on past hits fail to honor the spirit that originally captivated listeners. When changing something that people love, even the slightest alteration can make a huge difference. Either the musical composition or the lyrical genius that fans appreciated will be lost on too hasty an attempt to cheat success. Some are even so terrible as to make the original songs seem less impactful when viewed in retrospect.

Usually, these follow-ups do not qualify as "sequels" in the purest sense of the word. There are, however, many songs that follow the same narrative established by the hits that came before. In some unfortunate cases, they take everything that worked about this narrative and - intentionally or not - completely turn it inside out.

The following 11 songs are among those that blindly disregard or else downright alter the spirit of their predecessors.

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