11 Bizarrely Unnecessary Sequels To Classic Songs

11. Lesley Gore - "Judy's Turn To Cry"

"It's My Party" doesn't tell an especially complicated story. Johnny goes off with Judy, holding her hand. When the two come back, Judy's wearing Johnny's ring. The singer cries, and Mercury Records makes a ton of money from this fun song about birthday infidelity.

Lesley Gore's follow-up, "Judy's Turn To Cry," is likewise rather simple. For most of the song, all we know is that Johnny and Lesley are back together. It doesn't get ridiculous until near the end, when we find out the cause of their reunion.

Apparently, Lesley was at another party watching Judy and Johnny make out. Attempting to incite jealousy, or perhaps because she was just tired of crying over other people's happiness, Lesley found her own guy to make out with. Then Johnny came up and punched Lesley's new man in the face. Now it's Judy's turn to cry while Lesley dates the violent teen who was literally just kissing another girl.

Given Johnny's apparent bouts of explosive jealousy, Judy doesn't really feel like the loser here. Not only should Lesley question Johnny's temper, but also his erratic loyalty. He's now left two parties with different girls than he showed up with. If his actions in this song are a sign of things to come, Lesley's hardly run out of reasons to cry.

Nonetheless, this sort of narrative apparently worked in 1963, earning Gore a gold record. Released today, an era in which every other bridesmaid knows the dance steps to "Single Ladies," the story of a young woman obsessing over a violent philanderer would more than likely spark hashtag-worthy controversy.

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