11 Hugely Anticipated Rock And Metal Albums Coming In 2015

6. Megadeth Once the bastions of hollowed ground as Metallica veered off into more commercial territory, Dave Mustaine then took Megadeth in a few off-kilter directions himself, returning to a career highpoint with the spectacular Endgame of 2009. The following B-sides collection of Th1rt3en (yes, one of those titles) had some sweet tracks in too, but didn't have the fury and snarling menace everyone loves to hear in Mustaine's tone. Cut to 2012's Super Collider and the attempt to write some catchier tunes - "Buuurn, baby burn!" - and it was back to the cautiously optimistic pile for The World's Greatest Guitarist. 2015 is the year Mustaine's looking to put out another album, not to mention a potential regroup with fan-favourite shredder Marty Friedman following the departure of Chris Broderick and Shaun Drover - the band's twin lead guitarist and drummer respectively. All eyes are on Megadeth and Mustaine too, and for once it's not for something offensive he's mistakenly blurted out in public - time will tell whether he's got it in him for something on the level of Endgame though.
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