11 Hugely Anticipated Rock And Metal Albums Coming In 2015

5. Atreyu Take thrash metal and throw in some 80's-feeling guitar solos, whisk it up with some of the best songwriting in the game that means every track etches itself firmly within your cerebellum and you've got Atreyu. At least you did have, until they went on a hiatus back in 2011. Whilst those who never got on board with their music rejoiced, the rest realised that blurring of 80's hair rock with stompy power chord-driven metal itch wouldn't be scratched for some time. However just a few months back they returned, bringing with them a track that's positively loaded with potential and promise - it's one hell of a continuation of form, pleasing fans of their older material thanks to some brutal riffs and screamed vocals almost throughout. As social media chatter has been building and considering how dialled in these guys have been on past releases, the core Atreyu formula comprised of something everyone can enjoy is exactly what the world needs.
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