11 Phenomenal Underground Artists That Deserve Your Attention

11. The Fontaines

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEvXW3wR_II The Fontaines are a Sheffield based band who describe their sound as "Indie Blues Electro", and say they are influenced by the likes of The Mayfields, Chromatography and Polkadodge. Their EP 'Santiago Skyline' was released to an overwhelmingly positive reception at the city's O2 Academy on 14th March this year thanks to the bands small-but-very-devoted fanbase. The EP is upbeat in tempo and full of catchy hooks that will have your feet tapping along from the first listen, consisting of four faultless tracks: 'Blame It On Alcohol' 'Amanda' 'Two To Tango' and the lead track 'Santiago Skyline'. The band works together seamlessly, creating these perfect entities which wouldn't be out of place were the band on the bill for the NME stage at Leeds fest this summer. 'Blame It On Alcohol' in particular would be perfect on your BBQ Playlist this summer (if we get nice weather at all, that is!). Joe's accent gives the lyrics a distinct sound that only adds to ease of listening. It's good, honest stuff. They're hard-working guys who deserve to have their continued dedication to music recognised€“ I've got faith that Joe, Alex, Tom and Oliver will go far. Viva the Fontaines!
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