12 Best Hamilton Songs

11. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

Jumping right to the finale now, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story is guaranteed to open up the waterworks.

At its core Hamilton is about legacy. How will history remember you? Alexander Hamilton was never as fondly remembered as his fellow founding fathers, despite his own attempts to secure his place in the history books.

It is also a love story between Hamilton and his wife Eliza. In the finale she puts herself, "Back in the narrative", dedicating the remainder of her life to telling her late husband's story.

The song therefore encompasses the two major themes into one, delivering an utterly heartbreaking farewell, to Eliza, Hamilton and all the other characters the audience had come to now and love over the course of the show. It's the perfect ending to a stunning musical.

Fans have speculated since the show debuted, what Eliza's final gasp to the audience really means. Is it Eliza finally reaching 'the other side' and reuniting with her husband and son? Is she seeing the audience and realising Hamilton's legacy still lives on?

However you interpret it, it's extremely powerful, capable of reducing even the most stoic viewer to tears.

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