12 Best Hard Rock Singers Of The 1990s

Dave Grohl and the best pipes in hard rock's flannel era...

Wikimedia Commons

By the time hard rock reached the 90's, the age of the flamboyant frontman were long gone. Instead of people mugging for the camera and strutting their stuff on MTV, acts were more concerned with the musical presentation rather than the trendy clothes you wore. Then again, who really needs a bunch of trendy effects when your music kicks this much ass?

As opposed to reeling you in with a gimmick, the pure talent behind some of these vocalists left you with your mouth on the floor. Even if it wasn't the singing style that you were used to, each of these singers had a certain emotion in their voice that moved you in a way that hair metal never could. Granted, some of these singers may not have the most technically gifted voices of them all, but what they lack in singing expertise they make up for with the amazing amount of passion they deliver.


Hard rock vocal styles are a bit on the gruff side, but you're sure to be in for a great listening experience if you have any of these guys behind the mic. From grunge to metal to alternative rock, each of these singers have carved their name in the Grand Halls of Rock.


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