12 Best Hard Rock Singers Of The 1990s

11. Scott Weiland - Stone Temple Pilots

Once the grunge sound of Seattle started permeating the airwaves, every record company wanted another band just like Pearl Jam and Nirvana. While they may have fared better at the time, a lot of these copycat bands are seen as highly derivative and a cheap mockery of the organic sounds from the Northwest. However, out of all the bands labelled copycats, no one deserved that backlash less than Scott Weiland.

Make no mistake, the similarities between Weiland's singing and that of someone like Eddie Vedder is definitely there on songs like "Plush," but that was just the band's beginnings. Over time, Weiland expanded his vocal range to include a myriad of different styles from country-leaning material to glam rock. Sure, songs like "Plush" could be mistaken for a Pearl Jam B-side, but you weren't going to hear Eddie Vedder and co. play a highway tune as good as "Interstate Love Song."

Even outside of the confines of his normal outfit, Weiland's work with the former members of Guns N Roses in Velvet Revolver was a lot better than it had any right to be. Since he is no longer with us, all we can do now is appreciate the great melodies that Weiland gave us while he was still here.


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