12 Best Music Videos Of 2015

11. Muse €“ Dead Inside

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5sJhSNUkwQ Dead Inside is the first single released from Muse's seventh studio album Drones. The song itself is one of the album's stronger offerings (though it's structurally quite similar to the band's earlier song Madness), building slowly throughout until singer Matt Bellamy truly gives it his all. But it's the video that really elevates the song to more interesting territory. The music video for Dead Inside sees two American contemporary dancers (Kathryn McCormick and Will Wingfield) prancing with sometimes fluid and sometimes rigid motion (but always captivating) around a warehouse filled with dust. The band, too, perform in the same space, kicking up white clouds with each strum or beat. The whole thing is lit by light-bearing drones, too. Over the years Muse's music videos have jumped around from whimsical to ridiculous to political, so it's nice to see the band try something legitimately striking while still keeping with the theme of the album.
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