12 Hard Rock Bands That Quit In Their Prime

System Of A Down and the bands that stopped at the top...


Break ups are never an easy thing to do. Whenever bands decide to call it quits, it's normally at a time when the gas has run out and they don't feel that they have any more new music to contribute to their fans. On the other hand, plenty of bands have packed it in when the world was ready for SO MUCH MORE.

For one reason or another, these bands stopped putting out music at the one point where they could have blown us away. Sometimes, the reasons are legitimate given the loss of band members along the way, but on other occasions bands have just thought it better to put their future plans on hold rather than gracing us with another amazing record. While we have to respect the wishes of these artists, it doesn't become any less infuriating when they choose to break it off right when it was getting good.

A lot of these acts were even on the verge of something unprecedented when they severed ties, which looks utterly mind-boggling in hindsight. Even though some of these bands have gotten back together, we can only wonder how they could have built off of that initial sonic momentum.


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