12 Hard Rock Bands That Quit In Their Prime

12. The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols were a shock to the musical system in the mid 70's. While the Ramones were making waves with punk rock in the States, this group of misfits were taking the culture of ringing power chords and snide attitude to the streets of London. While the band made one hell of a start, everything came to a grinding halt way too quickly.

After the band launched a tour, they ended up firing bassist Glen Matlock, whose writing was all over songs like "Pretty Vacant." Already at a disadvantage, the band hired Sid Vicious, who both captured the typical punk stereotype from his gangly persona to his inability to play the bass coherently. This led to the tour being an outright disaster, with many band members falling prey to drug problems.

By the time they finally put an end to the US leg of the tour, everyone was so fed up with each other that the band disbanded, with Johnny Rotten forming PiL and Vicious sinking deeper into drug addiction until his eventual burnout. The Sex Pistols may not have been the most prolific band in the hard rock realm, but what they gave us helped shape the face of rock music to come.


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