12 Hard Rock Bands Who Succeeded By Never Selling Out

Rage Against The Machine are still in it for the right reasons...


When you first form a band, nobody really cares about what will happen further down the line. Once you jam with your buddies for the first time, all of you are united by the pure love of making music. After you get famous though, it's easier to listen to the paycheck rather than your muse.

You may think that you control your craft, but the conversation shifts once you get people in suits with royalty checks involved. It may be fun to expand your creative vision, but most of the time these suits are looking for someone who they can market a certain way. Your average band might end up taking the advice of these groups, but that usually means their music being much more soft and much less interesting. Not with these artists though...


In a business that has had its fair share of artistic casualties, these bands have been able to hold on to their credibility without alienating their fans. Some of these groups have even gone out of their way to outwardly oppose these money-hungry execs of the music business while still stretching themselves into grander musical territory. The legacies of these acts prove that when it comes to music, it's better to go with your gut than with the amount of money in front of you.


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