12 Most Divisive Rock Albums Of All Time

Splitting the audience right down the middle.


It's a small miracle that any album gets finished. From the pressure of getting the perfect performance down on tape to the countless hours spent editing the sounds together, musicians have to put every fiber of their artistic being forward to create their best work. Whether or not fans will enjoy that work is another story entirely.

No matter how much work you put into a record, it's not going to mean a thing if the fans don't care for your new direction. While it's easy to categorize albums fans love and hate, it's a bit of a tricky scenario when fans are divided over an album. Whereas one side will say that it's a nail in the band's coffin, others will think it's a bold new departure that will mark new artistic territory for the band as a whole.

Regardless of the actual quality of the music, these albums have definitely caused a stir in the fanbase on more than one occasion. Any press is good press, but the actual feelings on these albums are probably the most complicated in the entire rock genre.

You may hear different points of view from each side, but these are the albums you just need to hear for yourself to see how you feel.

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