12 Most Hated Classic Rock Songs (On Great Albums)

11. Don't Leave Me Now - Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd's The Wall is something that almost defies genre labels. The entire album is an absolute masterstroke for Roger Waters as it tells the story of the semi-autobiographical Pink character as he tries to make sense of his life as a rockstar. This may not have been the first rock opera, but it certainly holds up as one of the greatest.

At the same time, some of the more theatrical moments on the record feel more suited to a stage performance rather than just an auditory experience. About halfway through the record, Pink calls one of his groupies to his room, but is so distraught that she ends up leaving him alone in his self-pity.

After Pink calls out to her, most of the track is just the sad lament of the tragic hero, with Pink grieving over the loss of his marriage as well as the sad state of affairs he sees himself in. The emotion of the track is certainly sincere, but the actual execution may have lent itself better to a Broadway-style production instead of the fantastic instrumentals Floyd were known for. Though other songs on the record created musical skyscrapers, this track just feels like another brick in the album's wall.


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