12 Most Hated Classic Rock Songs (On Great Albums)

10. Runnin Blue - The Doors

As the Doors progressed throughout their career, it felt like each record gave an extra layer to the band's unique sound. While their debut showed the band at their most raw and Waiting for the Sun was their most psychedelic, The Soft Parade is a great example of the band working in the confines of jazz arrangements.

The whole record features a more grand production with songs like "Tell All the People" and the fan favorite "Touch Me," but the quick breeze through "Runnin Blue" feels like filler when standing beside everything else. The song starts out pretty promising, with Jim Morrison delivering a sort of rock and roll eulogy for the late Otis Redding. Once the song sounds like it's about to take off though, the mood quickly shifts to a more bluegrass style tune with Robbie Krieger on vocals rather than Morrison.

The Doors are one of those bands where each member seems essential to the sound, so when you have a song without Morrison singing, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. The foundation of the Doors' music is pretty damn good, but a song without a strong Morrison presence lacks the menace that truly took this band over the top.


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