12 Most Hated Rock Albums Of All Time

Metallica managed to make one of the biggest triggers in rock and roll...


It's not an easy task to make a good rock album. Despite what the older generation might say, it's impossible to swig booze, act like a rockstar, and bang away on an instrument in order to make a quality album. When you hear the actual effort and lifesblood that have gone into rock records, the songs go from being fun jams to something transcendent.

However, for as many great albums that have come out of the rock pantheon, us fans have also had to sift through our fair share of stinkers. While it might be easy for us to just pick and choose what we love, even the greatest artists of all time have been known to put out albums that are absolutely dreadful.

Hell, even if you didn't like the artist in question, some of these misfires have been picked up by radio and hammered into our brains whether we like it or not.

Whereas the masterpieces of rock have given us a renewed sense of energy after listening to them, these records have us shaking our heads wondering how we let them see any form of success. These might not be the worst albums ever made, but you can find much better rock music almost anywhere else.


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