12 Most Hated Rock Albums Of All Time

11. Into The Unknown - Bad Religion

When it comes to the grand scheme of punk rock, Bad Religion always seems to be a tad bit underrated. Along with creating great albums like Suffer and How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, the band also was responsible for creating Epitaph Records, who ended up signing legendary acts like Operation Ivy and the Offspring.

Though the band hit the ground running with their debut, band members Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz were convinced that the mass appeal of their raw power had been a fluke. With no real ambition going into the next project, the band decided to explore different sonic territory, which resulted in songs that featured synths and more elongated song sequences. The backlash from this shift in style was so drastic that the band full-on broke up shortly after the record was completed, opting to go find other jobs in the punk scene.

To this day, Into The Unknown is the one album that the band never cares to mention, with it not even being included when the band remastered all of their earlier material. Though it may have its fans, this rapid change of pace was one of the biggest head-scratchers of the early days of punk.


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