12 Most OVERRATED Hard Rock Bands Of All Time

The eternal mystery of how they got that big...


Hard rock music has never been in short supply of underrated artists. For as many great acts rise to the top, there are always going to be a few other notable bands that never get their just due. On the flipside, many bands leave the rest of us facepalming and wondering why they got big in the first place.

Throughout the years, many hard rock stations have subjected their audiences to music that makes a mockery out of everything hard rock stands for. Instead of having a balanced mix of artists, some of the most intolerable bands of the rock genre have been played so relentlessly that we've practically developed sonic PTSD from hearing them. While it would make sense for the great music to have staying power, some misguided rock fans have continued to stand by these acts regardless of their lack of material.

Are all these acts reprehensible? That's certainly up for debate, but there was no reason for these bands to keep popping up time after time to grace us with yet another helping of mediocre hard rock music. Keep in mind that everyone has different tastes...but things are about to get ugly.


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