12 Most OVERRATED Hard Rock Bands Of All Time

11. Warrant

By the end of the 80's, the concentration of hair metal bands had gotten completely out of hand. Though the genre started off strong with heavy hitters like Def Leppard and Motley Crue, the third and fourth wave of bands from the Sunset Strip stripped the genre of any more good will. If any band encapsulated all the problems with this era of metal, Warrant pretty much checked every box.

From the way they wore matching white leotards in their video for "Heaven" to their blatant sexualized lyrics on songs like "Cherry Pie," there was no other band that epitomized the cookie-cutter nature of metal bands. Though they did end up having a few decent cuts in their catalog like "I Saw Red," it was much harder to see the diamonds in the rough when the rough itself was so large.

Once grunge eventually came in and killed off the rest of the hair metal scene, Warrant (along with Winger) were the one band that received the greatest thrashing from alternative rockers and metalheads alike. The band may have tried their best to move on from their early days, but that's no easy task when your beginnings are this cheesy.


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