12 Most Outrageous Things That Ever Came Out Of Morrissey's Mouth

"Meat is paedophilia" and other greatest hits from Manchester's favourite miserablist.

Some people think that perpetual miserablist and grumbling poster boy for vegetarianism Morrissey is a genius, becausehe writes music that is just about vague and poetic enough to sound like it really means something. He has been called a living legend, and one of the most influential musicians of his or any generation, and yet he is now probably more well-known for his provocatively contrarian opinions than he is for producing any music. Think about it: when was the last time you heard a good, new Morrissey track? He might have made some timeless music (though the Smiths were a far better talent than Morrissey alone) but he is neither current nor popular, which no doubt he absolutely adores. And though his well-praised brain has created some stunningly memorable lyrics, it also has a habit of engaging his mouth and spewing out controversial nonsense for the sake of upsetting just about everyone in the world. By now, only apples and carrots are not on one of Morrissey's hate-lists. He's also responsible for Russell Brand's idiotic ideas about revolution and politics: proving that provocativeness and controversy don't actually need an articulated agenda: if in doubt, just criticise and rail against absolutely bloody everything. To commemorate Morrissey's lastest idiot outburst - saying meat eaters are the same as paedophiles (more of which soon) - we're presenting a controversial compendium of the worst things the Manc flower-waving, self-important malcontent has ever said.

Honourable Mention

Whenever Morrissey turns down the opportunity to reform The Smiths, he ignore entirely the fact that he is not as talented as he probably suspects. He might be proclaimed a deity by some music fans, but the simple fact is that Morrissey's Smiths work is by far his greatest. He was far from the only talent in The Smiths, and it's no accident that his solo material is lesser than that released with his former bandmates (regardless of individual accolades - which are more often propelled on the back of his mythology, rather than the quality of the songs.) One day the man who likes to tell us all how unself-aware we are will realise the irony of that statement in regard to his stance on reforming The Smiths. But don't hold your breath.

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