12 Most Outrageous Things That Ever Came Out Of Morrissey's Mouth

13. Beyonce Killed All The Rhinos

No, Morrissey, she didn't. There is of course some logic behind Morrissey's assertion that consumerism drives criminality, especially in terms of poaching - it stands to reason, if noone wants to buy outlawed by-products, they don't need to be poached - but there's no need to be so bitchy about it and single out one singer, presumably because you don't agree with their approach to the industry. Sensationalist reduction is the last bastion of the tabloids, which Morrissey himself would probably tell you, if he wasn't so invested in self-serving double standards.

12. It's A Shame Thatcher Lived

When former British Prime Minister dies last year, there was a lot of unpleasantness in a good portion of the public reaction. She was a divisive leader, it was to be expected, but the public nature of the hatred was almost comically inappropriate, especially in a culture that prides itself on being developed. But long before Thatcher's death, some of her detractors - like Morrissey - were quite open in their desire to see her dead. Because being a political figure somehow disqualifies you from the normal pleasantries associated with being a human being, apparently. Despite being a major and vocal dissenter whenever any animal is even looked at threatening, Morrissey is far more open with his death wishes for his fellow man, reacting to the failed assassination attempt on Thatcher with a barbed lamentation: "the sorrow of the IRA Brighton bombing is that Thatcher escaped unscathed."

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