12 PERFECT Metal Albums With NO Bad Songs

Not one.


Metal has come into its own as one of the best ugly genres the music world has to offer. No matter how much parents may have been willing to stomp all over it, the world of heavy riffs and hymns of doom have made for some of the greatest albums the rock genre has to offer. But when you really break it down, what exactly makes for a great metal album?

Is there really a set formula that people follow for the best albums in history? Well...there might not be a set pattern, but these artists certainly knew the ticket to success.

From the inception of metal back in the late ‘60s to some of the latest modern offerings, tons of bands have found new ways to spice up the typical sludgy riffs being pumped out by every other metal act. These records not only set these bands up as legendary metal acts, but also pushed the genre into places that no other metal act thought were possible.

It could be filtered through thrash, nu metal, or just the hard-edged side of rock, but every one of these records deserves a spot in your personal collection of headbanging classics. It might be a little dirty, but there’s no shame in having a bit of sludge in your music every now and again.

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