12 Shocking Music Videos You Won't Believe Actually Exist

12. Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Misogynistic-idiot-for-hire Robin Thicke knows how controversial his views on women are, and he loves to live up to that reputation. Perhaps unsurprisingly, and despite an unwillingness to promote his work further, it's necessary to include the ridiculously popular video for Blurred Lines, Thicke's smash-hit celebration of rape. The song itself is sickening enough. "I know you want it 'cause you're a good girl" looping endlessly over a sensual bassline providing little ambiguity as to Thicke's perspective on a woman's right to make her own decisions. The video does away with any pretence of subtlety altogether, with Thicke and his hit-making friends Pharrell Williams and TI fully clothed and surrounded by a parade of nearly-naked women. As you'd expect, the women are about as objectified as is humanly possible - though Thicke did give the censors some consideration, creating a "clean" version in which the women are at least treated as slightly covered-up pieces of meat. So that's something. Repulsive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyDUC1LUXSU
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