12 Unbelievably Underrated Beatles Tracks

And NO. This does not include "Hey Bulldog"

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What can be said about The Beatles that hasn't already been said? Nothing much, but it doesn't stop us from talking about them.

There is no denying that The Beatles are the greatest band to have ever graced this earth. For one, it's crazy how they are all existed around the same time, let alone found each other. Secondly, their influence on music can still be seen and heard to this day. Whether it be pop, rock, or even grime, band after band still continue to replicate the genius sounds of The Beatles whether they are aware of it or not.

Throughout their time, The Beatles recorded a large number of songs although the exact number is debated. Many of their songs are epic anthems, sung all around the world and instantly recognizable. Sadly, not all Beatles songs get the same amount of respect with many often attributed to someone else or just completely forgotten.

Everybody has their own opinion on what is the best Beatles song, what is the worst, what is the most obscure and what is the most underrated, but that's all part of the fun. What is life without an angry discussion about the best band in the world?

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