13 Famous Bands With More Lineup Changes Than You'll Believe

One big happy family... with 35 different opinions at once.

Fans love to imagine their favourite band as a tight-knit gang of best friends all in it together until the end, but how much of that is reality? Not much. The chances of getting four, five, or six band members to stick together through thick and thin across multiple decades is more difficult than anyone really appreciates. Being part of a band - especially a successful one - is more like a marriage (and look how many of those fail), only with a half dozen parties involved instead of just two. Oh, and a house and a whole lot of joint bank accounts, like many a marriage it's easy for bands to often become completely dysfunctional. For every U2 out there, there's a Nine Inch Nails - but you can't really even count NIN, given it's just Trent Reznor and whoever he feels like touring with any given year. Still, there are plenty of others that are actually bands (or at least were bands when they started) and who haven't gone through immense tragedy, whilst having a revolving door policy on membership. Some of these have managed to continue playing at a top level, while others have faltered - some worse than other, but all of them need a road map to figure out who's who at this point.

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