13 Things You Should Be Listening To Right Now

11. Royal Blood

garage rock/alternative/stoner There's a lengthy tradition of musical double acts proving they can make just as much noise as their more multifaceted counterparts, and Royal Blood plan to continue that. Now, this tradition can storm the charts (The White Stripes, The Black Keys), garner cult indie followings (Death From Above 1979, Blood Red Shoes), or just cause earthquakes on the underground (Lightning Bolt, Jucifer). Royal Blood seem poised to hit that middle one on the way that first one. Storming out of Brighton the pair boast some mammoth riffs, bolstered by pounding rhythms, that's all primal rock fury with just the right amount of carnal lust charging it on. There are moments when they sound like Muse, back when they were all muscular riffs and weird sex, and others where it's all Queens of the Stone Age caveman stoner blues. With Radio 1 airplay and a fan in Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders, this twosome are going to be making quite the ruckus really soon.
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