13 Things You Should Be Listening To Right Now

12. Ezra Furman

rock 'n' roll/indie/lo-fi folk Another case of instant enthusiasm with this gentleman, in the space of a day and a bit I went from being introduced to a track by a friend on Facebook, to listening to his latest album Day of the Dog on repeat, to recommending him to friends, to buying a ticket to go see him playing in Cardiff very soon. We won't go into why I was going so crazy in my room with enthusiasm and overexcitement. Less about my capacity for getting ridiculously enthusiastic about music at the drop of the hat, and more about the music itself; take early Bruce Springsteen, a little hint of The Velvet Underground when they were being rock n roll not avant-garde, a touch of electric Bob Dylan, a croaky Neil Young, and the ramshackle garage R'n'B of The Strange Boys, tear it all up, throw it in the air and turn whatever you catch into songs. That's Ezra Furman. Heartfelt and humorous rock n roll.
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