15 Best Disturbed Tracks

Epic guitar riffs, awesome drums... and the best monkey noises ever made by a human.


On August 21 2015, after some four years of being on hiatus, Disturbed released their sixth studio album, 'Immortalized'. With such outstanding song as 'The Vengeful One', 'What Are You Waiting For', and the title track itself, the band proved that nothing - not even being away for such a long time - can change the legendary sound that made them famous.

Simply put, they’re back.

One of the most iconic metal bands ever, Disturbed have enjoyed considerable success ever since they first started working under that name in 1999. The Chicago-born band is easily one of the most recognisable in the entire metal genre, and from vocalist David Draiman’s unique voice and semi-improvised 'monkey noise' sound effects, to guitarist Dan Donegan’s incredible guitar-playing abilities, they've enjoyed a much-deserved cultural popularity.

To celebrate the release of ‘Immortalized’ and everything they've achieved so far, the following pages will highlight the 15 greatest songs that Disturbed have put together. Song ranking will be based on a combination of factors: financial and critical success, lyrical and instrumental composition, and thematic undertones.

From the early hits that broke through and established them as a household name, to more recent tracks that'll be remembered for decades to come, it's time to remember the greatest works this already legendary band have ever produced. Let us know your own favourites in the comments below!

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