15 Best Hard Rock & Metal Albums Of 2020 (So Far)

2020's Heaviest Offerings.


In the public eye, hard rock is not really talked about as much as the Taylor Swifts of the world. For as great as these artists have been over the years, not a lot of the cream of crop reaches the masses in the way that bands like Metallica used to. However, that's not to say that these bands have gone anywhere.

So far, 2020 has been shaping up to be a pretty great year for the darker side of rock music. Whether it be through metal, rock, or even punk, bands have still been able to bring the darkness to the forefront of every one of their tracks. Though this list does feature some fantastic artists doing their thing, the best albums on this list come from bands who are just getting their feet wet. Not only are these debuts great, but they also hint at what new styles (or resurgences) could be coming down the pipeline in the coming years.

With half the year gone by, let's take a look and see what great artists came through with stellar albums to start off the new decade. Since a lot of new releases have been pushed back, the back half of the year is bound to jam-packed with amazing stuff as well.


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