15 Best Hard Rock & Metal Albums Of 2020 (So Far)

14. NO DREAM - Jeff Rosenstock

Out of all the artists in the punk scene today, no one has had a career trajectory quite like Jeff Rosenstock. When he's not gracing us with great music of his own, he has had a hand in giving us some of the greatest punk rock from fellow acts like PUP and The Smith Street Band. Then again, Jeff is able to stun even when he moves outside of the producer's chair.

For as great as NO DREAM is at the outset, the lyrics will make you take a bold look at yourself. Across every single cut on this record, Rosenstock lays out a pretty blunt look at what life is like in 2020, with the political system out of whack and millennials looking at a pretty bleak future ahead. It's definitely some intense stuff, but the actual music is too cheery to resist.

Rather than creating a dour tone, songs like "Leave it In The Sun" are full on ragers that will make you want to scream out that existential angst every time you turn it on. It's easy to call out the world for all of its faults, but it takes a strong person to acknowledge the bad and look towards a hopeful future. Things might not be better yet, but these tunes might be the kick in the right direction that we need.


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