15 Best Hard Rock & Metal Albums Of 2020 (So Far)

15. GLUE - Boston Manor

Over the past few years, pop punk has gone through many different iterations. While bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte made the genre sound like a teenage phase, there were always some quality punk acts with actual things to say like Alkaline Trio and AFI. Even though Boston Manor technically fall into that category, they have been giving the genre a decent shake up as of late.

As opposed to going for commercial viability, GLUE shows the band settling into a much heavier groove. Coming off the band's fantastic 2018 release Welcome to the Neighborhood, this album is surprisingly darker than what you might expect out of a punk band, combining elements of emo and electronic flourishes to give the songs a demented twist. The songs may have a sharper focus on atmospherics, but we're far from having something like Kid A on our hands.

Instead of having the synthetic elements fully envelop the sound, Boston Manor use these synthetic tracks extremely tastefully as they interweave them with their signature guitar crunch. As a result, the album coats you in a dystopian headspace that you won't soon recover from. In an era that has seen multiple genres clashing, it's nice to see the hard rock dirtiness and electronic polish working so well together.


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