15 Famous Artists You Didn't Know Competed In Eurovision

You'd be surprised who has graced the Eurovision stage over the course of sixty years...

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Since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has been a mainstay for international television audiences. It's either an event of great music from the best musical artists across Europe, or a day of escapist, campy, and ridiculous fun (complete with drinking games).

As an American who has experienced her very first Eurovision this year, I wanted to learn more about this long running musical event that evaded my whole life (and to stave off impatience for next year's contest). As I listened to a playlist of past Eurovision winning songs and watched a series of Youtube videos ranking songs from previous contests, I was surprised to recognize many familiar names that have competed in Eurovision in the past. A few have even won Eurovision!

While I pick up the pieces of my blown mind, let's take a chronological journey of the fifteen artists--ranging from international pop sensations to one-hit wonders--who have participated in Eurovision in the past, and you never knew about it until now. Oh, there's a going to be a special little bonus for a certain dance show that started out as an Eurovision interval act and became a theater and television sensation in its own right.

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