15 Famous Artists You Didn't Know Competed In Eurovision

15. Julio Iglesias - Gwendolyne (Spain)

What is He Know For? Julio Inglesias is the best selling Latin pop artist of all time since the 1970s and he is the father of Enrique Iglesias.

At Eurovision (Fourth Place): Julio Iglesias's appearance at the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, also served as his international television debut after achieving some musical success in his home country Spain. He performed ninth out of twelve countries with the song Gwendolyne, a longing ballad about a man hoping his far-away girlfriend still remembers him and his love. Iglesias finished in fourth place.

After Eurovision: Julio Iglesias may not have won Eurovision, but his career really took off after his Eurovision appearance. Throughout a four-decade career, Iglesias has released over 80 albums, sold over 300 million records in fourteen languages, earned over 2,600 gold and platinum records, held record-breaking concerts, won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance (1988), and sang duets with many music legends like Stevie Wonder, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Frank Sinatra. His children Julio Jr. and Enrique continue the family music legacy, and Julio himself is still performing to date.

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