15 Most Distinctive Singing Voices In Rock & Metal

14. Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden are, quite literally, the flag wavers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and pretty much the quintessence of a good ol' British rock band. The six London geezers are fronted by one Bruce Dickinson, whose eccentricity on-stage is matched beat-to-beat by his thunderous metal wail.

For the most part, Dickinson's vocal style is as much shouting as it is singing. The ferocity behind his words is palpable as he belts out line after line, yet somehow, you can always still pick up on the melody underneath. There's something very underrated about that.

What's also an interesting feature is the man's distinctly wide vibrato, which really comes into play during the long and drawn-out vocal sections of Iron Maiden's songs. The chorus of 'Aces High' is a perfect example of this, showcasing both Dickinson's full vibrato range as well as the insane high notes he can reach seemingly without effort.

Let's face it, if the galloping bass doesn't give away that it's Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson's telltale singing will do it every time.

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