15 Most Iconic Rock Albums Under 30 Minutes

Just like your girlfriend says, it's not always about the length...

There was a time in recent history when buying music was an investment. Before the internet came along and allowed people to listen to whatever music they wanted to for free (or for a small monthly fee, depending on the level of legality you're comfortable with), deciding which new album to buy was a difficult decision, and one that warranted a fair amount of thought. Musicians knew this, so they normally tried to give their fans the most bang for their buck. Often, this would result in albums that were expansive to the point of being bloated, filling up every second of the record's maximum runtime with music. But, just as an all-you-can-eat buffet should technically be a better value than one single, 6-ounce steak, it all depends on the quality being served. To that end, some artists have said "screw length" (that's what she...never mind) and offered up whole albums that clock in at a runtime shorter than a full episode of a network sitcom. These albums are "full length" only on a technicality. But, though it may be a rarity, the stubby little guys can be just as fulfilling as the overly long ones. (That's what...okay, I'll stop.) The following musicians really know how to condense all the good things into a small package. And to honor that, we'll keep the descriptions brief and let the music speak for itself.

15. Descendents - Milo Goes To College (22:10)

One of the most important albums in the history of both pop punk and hardcore genres, Milo Goes to College moves along at an aggressively brisk pace. It's an unpretentious boil of thrashy guitars, poppy hooks, and abrasive lyricism that rings out for much longer than the advertised 22 minutes. Milo Goes to College is a youthful album in every way, from the throwing sh*t against the wall approach to the impatient production style. But that's not a bad thing, because these "kids" actually have something to say. Their mission statement? "I'm not a punk!" And that could very well be true. They just happen to sound like punks. In the best way possible. A Little Taste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocAgDqHYPWs
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